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ISSUE 4 - Summer 1977

Gay Left Issue 4 cover

  • Love, Sex and Maleness- by the Gay Left Collective
  • Come All You Gay Women, Come All You Gay Men - by Jeffrey Weeks
  • Communists Comment - Nigel Young interviews Sarah Benton and Bea Campbell
  • Five And A Half - by Bob Cant
  • Lesbians aren't oppressed by the law...? - by Margaret Coulson
  • Sebastiane directed by Derek Jarman- reviewed by Phil Derbyshire
  • Movement In Straight Circles - by Patrick Hughes and Teresa Savage
  • We speak for ourselves by Jack Babuscio - reviewed by Nigel Young
  • The experience of Consciousness Raising by Sue Bruley - reviewed by Celia Holt
  • The rights and wrongs of women edited and introduced by Juliet Mitchell and Ann Oakley - reviewed by Keith Birch
  • The Modernisation of Sex by Paul A Robinson - reviewed by Jeffrey Weeks
  • A Closer Look at Sex Roles by Carol Adams and Rae Laurikietis - reviewed by Derek Cohen
  • How Girls Learn to be Women by Sue Sharpe - reviewed by Bob Cant
  • Abortion in Demand by Victoria Greenwood and Jock Young - reviewed by Jeffrey Weeks
  • Mozambican Women's conference report - reviewed by Bob Cant
  • Sexual Divisions and Society: Process and Change Edited by Diana Leonard Barker and Sheila Allen - reviewed by Jeffrey Weeks
  • Housewife by Ann Oakley - reviewed by Emmanuel Cooper
  • Letters