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ISSUE 4 - Summer 1977

Gay Left Issue 4 cover

  • Love, Sex and Maleness- by the Gay Left Collective
  • Come All You Gay Women, Come All You Gay Men - by Jeffrey Weeks
  • Communists Comment - Nigel Young interviews Sarah Benton and Bea Campbell
  • Five And A Half - by Bob Cant
  • Lesbians aren't oppressed by the law...? - by Margaret Coulson
  • Sebastiane directed by Derek Jarman- reviewed by Phil Derbyshire
  • Movement In Straight Circles - by Patrick Hughes and Teresa Savage
  • We speak for ourselves by Jack Babuscio - reviewed by Nigel Young
  • The experience of Consciousness Raising by Sue Bruley - reviewed by Celia Holt
  • The rights and wrongs of women edited and introduced by Juliet Mitchell and Ann Oakley - reviewed by Keith Birch
  • The Modernisation of Sex by Paul A Robinson - reviewed by Jeffrey Weeks
  • A Closer Look at Sex Roles by Carol Adams and Rae Laurikietis - reviewed by Derek Cohen
  • How Girls Learn to be Women by Sue Sharpe - reviewed by Bob Cant
  • Abortion in Demand by Victoria Greenwood and Jock Young - reviewed by Jeffrey Weeks
  • Mozambican Women's conference report - reviewed by Bob Cant
  • Sexual Divisions and Society: Process and Change Edited by Diana Leonard Barker and Sheila Allen - reviewed by Jeffrey Weeks
  • Housewife by Ann Oakley - reviewed by Emmanuel Cooper
  • Letters
These articles were published in 1977. You cannot assume that the views expressed in them still represent the opinions of the authors or the men who were members of the Gay Left Collective at the time.