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ISSUE 10 - Summer 1980

Gay Left Issue 10 cover

  • Democracy, Socialism and Sexual Politics - by the Gay Left Collective
  • Workplace politics: Gay politics - by Nigel Young
  • Socialism, Feminism and Socialist Feminism - by Ros Coward
  • Geoff Brighton: Anatomy of a Campaign - by Peter Bradley
  • Gay Life Desire, Demography and Disappointment - by Mandy Merck
  • Gay Liberation in Central America - by David Fernbach
  • Dykes in the Granite City - by Caroline Airs
  • Groping in the dark: Growing Up Homosexual;The Joy of Gay Sex by Charles Silverstein and Edmund White; Men Loving Men by Mitch Walker - reviewed by Derek Cohen
  • The Hunt, Hunter and Hunted - by Lindsay Taylor
  • 35 into the 80s - by Bob Cant
  • White Hero, Black Beast: racism, Sexism and the Mask of Masculinity by Paul Hoch; Homosexuality and Liberation: Elements of a Gay Critique by Mario Mieli; Army of Lovers by Rosa von Praunheim - reviewed by Jeffrey Weeks
  • Facing the Crisis - by Dave Landau
  • Acting Out: Gay Community Theatre - by Emmanuel Cooper
  • Nocturnes for the King of Naples by Edmund White - reviewed by Simon Watney
  • Who is Eddie Linden? by Sebastian Barker - reviewed by Tom Woodhouse
  • La Cage Aux Folle; Messidor - reviewed by Keith Birch
These articles were published in 1980. You cannot assume that the views expressed in them still represent the opinions of the authors or the men who were members of the Gay Left Collective at the time.