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ISSUE 7 - Winter 1978/79

Gay Left Issue 7 cover

  • Happy Families? Paedophilia Examined- by the Gay Left Collective
  • Gay Art - by Emmanuel Cooper
  • Spotlight on Greece: An interview with a member of the Greek Gay Movement AKOE
  • FOR Interpretation - Notes against Camp - by Andrew Britton
  • Homosexuals Fight Back: The Gay Activists Alliance - by Stephen Gee
  • Gays at Work: No Complaints - by Shauna Brown
  • Homosexual Desire by Guy Hocquenghem - reviewed by Philip Derbyshire
  • The Law and Sexuality: How to cope with the law if you're not 100% conventionally heterosexual - reviewed by Bob Cant
  • You Can't be a Socialist Perfume Maker: meetings with Tom Robinson - by Derek Cohen and Hans Klabbers
  • Two letters on Freud - by David Fernbach and Simon Watney
  • Why I joined Gay Sweatshop - by Gay Sweatshop
  • Gays and the Phoney War in Ireland - by Jeff Dudgeon
  • The Making of Nighthawks - by Bob Cant
  • Another Look at Pornography - by Fred Bearman
  • Women's Body, Women's Right: A social history of birth control in America by Linda Gordon - reviewed by Sue Bruley
  • Girlfriends - reviewed by Sue Cartledge
  • Chemical Castration - by Tom O'Carroll
  • Open and Positive: An account of how John Warburton came out at school and the consequences - reviewed by Margaret Jackson
These articles were published in 1978/1979. You cannot assume that the views expressed in them still represent the opinions of the authors or the men who were members of the Gay Left Collective at the time.